"Dr. Jackson really understood my busy schedule and was able to give me back my smile. He took the time to explain everything in advance and made the whole visit a pleasant experience."

- Barbara K.

Synergy2 - The Single Tooth Implant Solution

A beautiful implant in just two visits? You bet! Getting a traditional implant usually involves two dentists and up to 8 visits. With Synergy2 there is only one dentist and you are done in just two visits. Less hassle, less discomfort, and the highest quality implant.

  • Less Surgery
  • Less Pain
  • Less Swelling
  • Fewer Visits
  • No Incisions
  • No stitches

Synergy2 is an innovative implant approach rooted in Immediate placement/provisionalization principles. Patients require less surgery, less appointments, less costs and a faster completion of treatment. Dr. Brian J. Jackson's comprehensive "Synergy2" "process marries several stages of treatment into a single visit. Thereby, eliminating the need to see multiple dentists. The "Synergy2" process utilizes comprehensive clinical experiences and research in biology, surgery and prosthetics (crowns, bridges, dentures) to create a healthy, esthetic and long-lasting smile. And with Dr. Jackson you are getting the best possible care. He is the highest credentialed implant doctor in the area and the only Board Certified implantologist between Albany and Syracuse.

Synergy2 - Single Tooth Implant SolutionSynergy2 - Single Tooth Implant Solution

Synergy2 Transformations


"Doc, I'm loving my new smile!"


"It didn't hurt at all. That's the amazing part!"

Sue B.

"it helped me with my personal and professional life. it gave me confidence and made me happier."

Dan B.

"The implant experience resolved a traumatic situation that altered my body image and lowered my self confidence. I cannot say enough good things about my new smile! The 2-appointment process was so convenient and gave me my tooth on day 1!"

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