Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional Dental  Implants

Q. What is the benefit of dental implants?
A. Dentures retained by implants can eliminate sore spots and slippage while making your speech and cosmetics much better.  You will look and feel younger and healthier!

Q. Are dental implants safe?
A. Dental Implants are not experimental. In fact, Implants have been successfully used for over 30 years!

Q. Is the procedure painful?
A. Dental Implants are performed using only a local anesthetic (i.e. Novacaine).  No different than for a dental filling. This makes for a relatively pain-free procedure and ensures your comfort.

Q. How long does the procedure take?
A. Dental Implants are most successful when the surgery and the crown or dentures are accomplished over a few months period.  Bone needs time to heal.

Q. Are implants affordable?
A Insurance coverage and flexible financial arrangements are available so that all patients can afford ideal treatment.

Q. How long do the implants last?
A. Dental Implants last longer than other dental treatment options because Implants never decay.  (A better investment in the long run). This saves you money and spares you the inconvenience of repetitive future visits.

Q. Does it matter if my dentist is Board Certified or not?
A. A Board Certified Implant Dentist should complete the entire Implant procedure to ensure the highest quality outcome and a more pleasurable experience. You shouldn't be forced to see many dentists for different aspects of one treatment.

Q. How hard is it to take care of implants?
A. Maintaining your implants is no different than maintaining your real teeth. Brushing and flossing will help keep your implants shining.

Q. Does where you are treated really make a difference?

A. Yes, absolutely, it all begins with an accurate diagnosis and our team excels at anticipating and minimizing potential problems, which lead to better outcomes. In addition, our team demonstrates lower infection rates among implant patients.

Q. Why is minimally invasive surgery for dental implants becoming more common and how does this benefit patients?

A. In recent years, minimally invasive surgery has become more widely used but the term itself can be misleading. The Synergy 2 approach allows us minimize trauma to soft and hard tissues. Our team has been at the forefront of modifying standard approaches leading to better postoperative recovery for our patients.

Synergy2 Complete

Q. What is Synergy2 Complete? 
A. Synergy2 Complete is a multiple implant solution. Think of them as permanent dentures that you never have to take out. 

Q. What makes the Synergy2 Complete procedure better?
A. Typically you would have to have multiple doctors, surgeries and up to eight months in treatment. With Synergy2 Complete you will have one doctor, one surgery and have a fantastic smile in under 3 months.

Q. Is Dr. Jackson the only dentist offering Synergy2 Complete? Why?
A. Yes. Dr. Jackson is a board certified implantologist. One of only three in Upstate NY. His training and certifications allow him to handle all of the proceedures instead of referring you out to multiple doctors, taking up valuable amounts of your time.


Q. What is Synergy2?
A. Synergy2 is a single tooth implant procedure.

Q What is different about it from traditional procedures?
A. Instead of multiple doctors, multiple surgeries and up to 8 visits, Synergy2 Complete is done exclusively by Dr. Jackson in just 2 visits.


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